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Don't pay for more warehouse space and labor than you need. Rent space and buy labor as you use it.


We drive your costs out of warehousing and logistics.  Let us show you how we can save you 20% on your warehousing expenses and make your inventory work harder for you.  Try CrystalTrack® for faster and richer information and analysis with less work, superior inventory control, produce easier audit counts, and get a complimentary pallet position to receive palletized freight.


Contact us to see how you can begin saving money today!

Great businesses and customer experiences are each crafted one at a time.  We created Bogard Logistics to bring Alaskans custom public warehouse and material handling solutions found across the globe but rarely in the Arctic.  It does not matter the size of your business, now you can enjoy the flexibility and focus found in this warehouse model.  We custom design it for you.  In good times and bad, public warehousing helps you capture opportunity with less capital and shorter rent commitments.
At Bogard, we get that no two companies are the same.   Our team works to learn your priorities and pain first.  The Arctic supply chain breaks easy.  Errors, damage, delays, and high transport costs are common.  Let us help you learn new ways to reduce these costs and strengthen your supply chain.  Our Bogard team works with you and your people to learn your processes.  After discovery,  we offer ideas to create a solution that meets your needs. Whether we drive profit or reduce your material expense, the Bogard team helps define new ways to communicate and demonstrate  value.  Our results prove out.  We remove the noise and extra costs found in most supply chains.  Bogard Logistics excels where people, processes, and systems meet.
Our team sets high standards for safety and service ideals.  We work to differentiate ourselves, drive accountability and to make sure our team delivers value. We bring over 50 years of experience to help you save money by only paying for space and labor as you need them.  We also provide solutions to help you easily communicate with your biggest customers automatically.  Our Valley location is just 8 minutes from Wasilla, Palmer and Mat-su Regional Hospital, and close to most Mat-Su businesses.  Why pay more?
Experience the Convenience, Quality, Service, Value, & Transparency of Bogard Logistics.

Your dedicated partner for material tracking, inventory management, operating work flow and custom communication solutions.  


  • Operate Anchorage or MatSu warehouses
  • Need consolidation, cross dock and freight forwarding activities
  • Have seasonal space demands
  • Perform project receipt, staging and materials management
  • Need or want to outsource warehouse and distribution duties and responsibilities


  • Labor only services for your temporary project work
  • Performance and process consulting
  • Expense management and financial reviews
  • Treasury management solutions
  • Project finance
  • Corporate advisory
  • Restructure and work-out