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Don't pay for more warehouse space and labor than you need. Rent space and buy labor as you use it.


We help you drive down your costs and waste.

Now offering 25 cubic foot chest freezer rentals to help you build your inventory and preserve your products.


Contact us to see how you can begin saving money today!

Great businesses and customer experiences are each crafted one at a time. We created Bogard Logistics to bring you custom public warehouse and inventory management solutions to help you grow your business. Public warehousing is often less expensive, requires less capital and gives you shorter rent commitments to give you greater flexibility.

Our Valley location is just 5 minutes from Wasilla and 8 minutes from Palmer and Mat-su Regional Hospital. Why pay more?

Experience the Convenience, Quality, Service, Value, & Transparency of Bogard Logistics.

Your dedicated partner for scalable cold storage and inventory management solutions.  


  • MatSu businesses who need flexible warehouse space

  • You perform consolidation, cross dock or freight forwarding projects

  • You would like to outsource your warehouse and distribution work


  • Labor only services for your temporary project work

  • Performance and process consulting